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Operator : +86 (0)28 8533 1111

Chengdu Tianfu Software Park Co., Ltd., a leading industry park operator in China, is in charge of operating and managing Tianfu Software Park, AI International Hub, and Tianfu Changdao. With industrial high-calibre talents, the company, under the instruction of the Management Committee of Chengdu Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, integrates superior resources of Chengdu Tianfu Software Park to build a brand-new platform to facilitate the integrated development of various industries, thereby forming a sustainable industrial ecological chain by offering all-round, international and professional services for industrial clients. 
  • Tianfu Software Park

    Tel+86 (0)28 85332222 / 85331111

    AddEast Wing, Building C1, Tianfu Software Park, Chengdu High-tech Industrial Development Zone (CDHT)

  • AI International Hub

    Tel+86 (0)28 68702303

    AddF3, Unit A4-1, AI International Hub, No. 71, 1st Hele Street, CDHT

  • Tianfu Island

    Tel+86 (0)28 83151111 / 68710992

    AddNo. 518, Shengbang Street, CDHT

  • Tianfu Software Park. Lab

    Tel+86 (0)28 86031523

    AddNo. B22, B1, D6, Tianfu Software Park, CDHT

  • Virtual Park

    Tel+86 (0)28 68710990 / 83151111

    Add East Wing, Building C1, Tianfu Software Park, CDHT


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Message Feedback, Complaints and Suggestions, Canteen, Repair, Meeting Room Lease, Sports and Recreational Activities in the Park, etc.

Tel +86(0)2885330528 24-hour Hotline: 4008889028

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Talent Recruitment, Talent Training, High-calibre Talent Reporting, Policy Consultation, Overseas Workstation Reservation.

Tel+86 (0)28 85331111-8311

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Media PR, Brand Promotion Consultation, News, Industry Consultation

Tel+86 (0)28 85331111-8185

Virtual Park Admission

Overseas workstation appointment


Terms of Service Application of Tianfu Software Park Overseas Workstation

1. Tianfu Software Park Overseas Workstation (hereinafter referred to as the “Workstation”) is an overseas service station set up by Chengdu Tianfu Software Park Co., Ltd. and overseas enterprises and institutions, which aims to facilitate the short-term overseas work of CDHT enterprises. It has set up a service station in Santa Clara, California, the United States of America.

2. The Workstation provides both free and paid services for the short-term overseas work of CDHT enterprises, among which the free services include those listed in the application form and the paid services should be negotiated and determined by the applicant entities and the Workstation.

3. The Workstation is a public space, of which the operator is entitled to allocate the service facilities and service time to meet the needs of different applicants.

4. The Workstation provides applicants with safe sites and service contents in line with their needs, and applicants shall take care of the belongings and the data they carry about.

5. Applicants shall take good care of the Workstation’s facilities and resources and shall compensate for the resulting damage or loss of such facilities and equipment according to local purchase prices.

6. Applicants shall not engage in activities in violation of Chinese and local laws and regulations by taking advantage of the Workstation, otherwise, the operator of the Workstation is entitled to terminate the services.

7. Applicants shall be responsible for their personal safety (including but not limited to illness, casualty incident, and traffic accident) and property safety when they are receiving services at the Workstation.

8. Applicants shall confirm and grade the services of the Workstation.


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