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Brand Service


Our Service

Our Service

Tianfu Software Park has established eight service systems in terms of corporate service, talent service, startup incubation, public technology platform, 
brand service, Virtual Park, overseas expansion, and financial service.


Brand Service

Enterprise Brand Promotion

Enterprise Brand Promotion

Services including one-to-one planning, writing and news release are provided as per the highlights in enterprises news. Access to resources of top media covering Xinhua News Agency, China News Service, HK Commercial Daily, Science and Technology Daily, West China City News, and Chengdu Commercial Daily are provided to explore the enterprises stories and help improve their brand images. 

    International Communication Service

    International Communication

    Partnerships with such international mainstream media including PR Newswire, China Daily, and Asia Pacific Daily are established with media resources covering 50-plus regions and countries including the U.S., the UK, Germany, France, Sweden, Australia, Russia and India. Since 2017, over 3,000 overseas media reports have been published, covering over 80 million persons. The service has helped the enterprises to develop overseas market and facilitated the international communication. 

      New Media Matrix Communication

      New Media Matrix

      Tianfu Software Park has created a new media matrix featuring WeChat official account, official website, Weibo, and Himalaya FM, and the its WeChat official account is followed by 100,000 persons at the first position in the ranking of WeChat transmission index made by Qingbo Big Data. 

      • Organizing Industry ...

        Organizing Industry Summit

        Over the past ten years, the Park has organized industry summits participated by thousands of people, and it successfully organized Sichuan Internet Conference, the most influential industry summit in western China. With the influence of Sichuan Internet Conference and the experience in conference organization, the Park has engaged in the whole process covering agenda setting, site set-up, news planning and global promotion to help the enterprises to hold industry summits.
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      Investment Attraction Service

      Investment Attraction Service

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      Terms of Service Application of Tianfu Software Park Overseas Workstation

      1. Tianfu Software Park Overseas Workstation (hereinafter referred to as the “Workstation”) is an overseas service station set up by Chengdu Tianfu Software Park Co., Ltd. and overseas enterprises and institutions, which aims to facilitate the short-term overseas work of CDHT enterprises. It has set up a service station in Santa Clara, California, the United States of America.

      2. The Workstation provides both free and paid services for the short-term overseas work of CDHT enterprises, among which the free services include those listed in the application form and the paid services should be negotiated and determined by the applicant entities and the Workstation.

      3. The Workstation is a public space, of which the operator is entitled to allocate the service facilities and service time to meet the needs of different applicants.

      4. The Workstation provides applicants with safe sites and service contents in line with their needs, and applicants shall take care of the belongings and the data they carry about.

      5. Applicants shall take good care of the Workstation’s facilities and resources and shall compensate for the resulting damage or loss of such facilities and equipment according to local purchase prices.

      6. Applicants shall not engage in activities in violation of Chinese and local laws and regulations by taking advantage of the Workstation, otherwise, the operator of the Workstation is entitled to terminate the services.

      7. Applicants shall be responsible for their personal safety (including but not limited to illness, casualty incident, and traffic accident) and property safety when they are receiving services at the Workstation.

      8. Applicants shall confirm and grade the services of the Workstation.


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